Walk On The Sunnyside

Walk On The Sunnyside is both a boutique service production company and a creative producer of high-quality independent films and original youtube content. 

We have offered digital media solutions for brands like Ford, Mitsubishi, and the US National Highway Safety Administration, as well as Ben Wheatly's  critically acclaimed film Free Fire. Our original content offerings include two independent Canadian feature films, and original YouTube channels including  Don Walks, and our Leafs/ Raptors Fan TV Channels.

Born out of the desire to have a great time doing what we love, Walk On The Sunnyside's mandate is simple:  develop original ideas and work with the most talented people around in a creatively energized enviroment. 

In 2016, WOTS Digital was created and partnered with AOL. In this Digital arm of the company we are developing exciting new content with a focus on analytics as a driving force in creative decisions. We are always looking for new opportunities to use this information that we are gathering for the creation of engaging rich media for brands. 

Recent partnerships with Gravitas Ventures, A71 Entertainment, the First Weekend Club and Canada Screen have taken our feature-length dramatic films: O, Brazen Age and Jackie Boy on Canada wide theatrical screenings with VOD releases in Canada and the United States to follow! 

Jeff Hanes
WOTS Principle and Founder

Founder - Jeff Hanes

Founder - Jeff Hanes